Posture, Biomechanics & Injury Prevention

Your body’s structure directly affects its ability to function. Therefore, if your spine is out of alignment you will not be functioning optimally. And if you’re constantly in positions that compromise your posture, it’s a slippery slope to pain and dysfunction. When poor movement patterns are ingrained, the risk of injury increases dramatically. And they will also hinder the process of recovering from an injury. 

The bottom line is that if you do not address your posture and movement patterns, you can expect to experience the same injuries and chronic problems. You will never get to the bottom of your pain and dysfunction if you don't identify and remedy the movement, position, or root cause. 

It is common for athletes to come in for pre-habilitation, discovering their limitations before a competition. Unfortunately, many people wait until their bodies’ break down to seek medical advice. Just like a car, it’s better to fix something before it breaks by performing proper maintenance. 

Through the course of treatment patients will learn:

  • Postural awareness and developing better overall biomechanics
  • How to avoid common and preventable movement dysfunction and injury
  • Remaining injury-proof
  • Developing effective abdominal/spine stabilization strategies
  • Developing techniques to address common myofascial pain/dysfunction
  • Understanding how to treat soft tissue injuries.
Proper squat mechanics at Functional Rehab