Physical Therapy & Chiropractic

Physical Therapy with Dr. Fidler in Brooklyn

At Functional Rehab, we fix the way you move through physical therapy and chiropractic manipulation. Our focus is biomechanics, particularly in those with physical pain. Functional Rehab is not just for back pain, but also CrossFit and sport-related injuries, and chronic movement dysfunction. 

We diagnose and correct these musculoskeletal issues through a variety of treatments. A detailed medical history is followed by a thorough physical exam.

One thing that sets Dr. Fidler apart from some physical therapists is his use of the Selective Functional Movement Assessment (SFMA). This system measures fundamental patterns of movement such as squatting, bending, and overhead positions in patients with known musculoskeletal pain. 

This identifies meaningful impairments that may seem unrelated to the main source of pain, but contribute to the associated disability. By addressing the most dysfunctional, often non-painful, movement pattern, targeted manual therapy and therapeutic exercises can be implemented in less time and fewer visits. 

Dr. Fidler working with Dr. Kelly Starrett to teach proper biomechanics and mobility protocols. 

Dr. Fidler working with Dr. Kelly Starrett to teach proper biomechanics and mobility protocols. 

At Functional Rehab we address the root of the problem: lack of mobility and/or dysfunctional motor patterns. With a thorough assessment and the right diagnosis, we can craft the best personal treatment plan for each individual patient. We will even go into your workstation setup and examine how you move outside the gym. 

For mobility issues, the treatment focuses on relaxing locked up joints and tissues with gentle adjustments, specific manual therapy (ART®) and proper instruction for future workouts. With motor control issues, the treatment essentially re-installs the software in your brain. We restore functional movement patterns by utilizing corrective exercises. 

After every appointment, each patient is given a report and set of home instructions via email. Dr. Fidler can also take pictures and videos for patients to use as a reference. 

If Dr. Fidler feels a patient can benefit more under someone else’s care, he has a network of high-level practitioners (massage therapists, running coaches, physiatrists, personal trainers) to refer. Dr. Fidler will unravel your physical dysfunctions and ultimately see you less, teaching you how to take care of your own body.