Physical therapy for hip pain in Brooklyn.

Treatment of Hip Pain

The hip is a ball-in-socket joint that is often affected by poor movement patterns. It is important to determine if there is a mobility problem versus a stability problem. Once we know the type of pain, we can focus on stretches or exercises to address the issue.

It is important to treat hip pain promptly so that patients do not develop a compensatory movement pattern, such as altered mobility, stability, or other asymmetries. As with most injuries, prevention is the best cure. You may not even be aware of the type of hip dysfunction you have, just that there is pain. Left unaddressed, it can and will lead to compensations elsewhere in the body. So it’s important to fix these mobility or stability issues before permanent damage is caused, or the individual becomes a surgical candidate. 
Manual therapy, mobility techniques and stabilization exercises are all tailored to each patient’s musculoskeletal issues. Hip flexor, or iliopsoas tightness is very common. Dr. Fidler is highly experienced in treating that region of the body. Treatment includes, but is not limited to, manual therapy release (ART®) followed by specific stretches to prevent reoccurrence.